Goodbye Etsy

After a little over 2 months on Etsy I’ve decided to leave the platform. Why so soon? One of the reasons I decided Etsy was not for me was due to it’s over-saturated market. There are a LOT of people on Etsy and, since they tend to promote the most successful sellers, newer faces on the market get buried. Now I have heard that Etsy is a great place to start out in building a business because “they have a ready made audience” but considering that the only traffic I got was from my own efforts, why should they reap the benefits? Also, if I put in the effort to market and someone decided to have a look, I’d rather not then direct that person to buy from someone else. (“You make also like” something from these other painters who is price their art lower?! No, thank you.) And while a $0.20 listing fee isn’t much, it can add up when there are other ecommerce platforms that don’t charge. So I’ve revamped my storefront on Square and redirected the shop link to it.

In other news, I will be working on saving up for a DSLR camera in order to start making good prints. Hopefully that doesn’t take too long!

Please be sure to subscribe to the email newsletter for store updates. I’m not sending out emails yet but once I start being able to offer prints and list more paintings I will be providing email updates. Also, please consider supporting me on Patreon! Just a $1 a month subscription can go a long way towards supplies and once I get the new camera I will begin filming painting sessions again.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

A Minor Update

Since my last post I haven’t really drawn that much, though I have done some fair bit of fiddling in Blender. However, book four of the Stormlight Archive was recently released and I found myself insanely inspired. I just had to share.

Shattered Mind

I’ve also been giving some thought to using the Amazon Handmade marketplace. As always, some life cleaning and organization will be required before I embark on anything of the sort.

And now for the semi-regular update!

I’ve thrown myself into Blender pretty thoroughly, when I’m not throwing myself into my new job (1 year already? WHAT?!), and have been fairly pleased with my results thus far. I love the fact that Blender is free and has built-in sculpting and texture painting which makes design so much easier. If you’re looking into getting started or just want something budget friendly I cannot recommend Blender enough!

That isn’t to say I haven’t been doing any actual drawing, mostly sketches, but it still happens! I even actually finish a picture every once in a while.

Content update 3/28/2020

So… Still alive! I have a minor content update for today. Still trying to figure out how to best photograph my paintings but in the meantime I have been fiddling around with some digital art.

I hate to say that I haven’t been that active in drawing but the truth is just that. I’ve spend the last couple months settling into to my new job and all the changes it entails. Not very exciting for the most part but still takes some getting used to.

Some ideas for painting have come up in this time, one was even started but not finished yet. Just gotta find a new rhythm to life.

Some of my lack of drawing/painting comes from me rediscovering the open source 3d software, Blender. I enjoy the heck out of making things in 3d but nothing is ever at a quality level that I’d be happy to show. Maybe I’ll start a new section to display some of my later works. Not yet, though.

Recently, however, I’ve been discovering a newer digital art program; Rebelle. Normally I don’t use watercolor in paintings, it’s messy and uncontrollable and always seemed rather childish. This program is making me reconsider.

1 year later….

Hmmm…. hmmmm.

So it’s been about a year since my last post, again. I’ve done some minor revamping of my website that will be tweaked but in the interest of keeping things simple and manageable I went with a theme that was pretty basic.

There have been some changes in my life, after almost a year of searching I was able to start a new job and I love it. Ok, so there has only been that one change but it’s pretty big. I also started reading Brandon Sanderson, which why I waited so long I’ll never know.

I have 2 new paintings that I will be photographing soon and putting up here. Also a mass of digital sketches that will be uploaded soon. This should all be happening over the next week as I get everything sorted and cleaned up.

That is all for this post, though. Have a wonderful day!

August Reflections

So I disappeared again, as I knew would happen. Once again my day-job drained the life out of me and instead of spending my days off reinvigorating myself I opted to dwell in apathy and waste my time binge watching old TV shows.

Well, not completely. I did have moments where I did more than just sit around. For instance, I purchased a tripod for my camera and a lighting set to take better pictures with. Still trying to figure out a good set up that works in a small space while providing better quality photos or paintings. It’s a learning process, but I feel like it’s a step in the right direction.

On the left is a picture taken without the use of a tripod or lighting system and on the right is one with the equipment.

Like I said, still learning but it’s progress.

I’m currently on a two week vacation which I hope to use to take care of some personal business, get some things taken care of that I’ve let slide for too long, and hopefully get into a job a bit less draining.

It’s also a great bit of time to work on some art projects! I’m aiming at finishing up the Solara painting and maybe getting two others at least started.

Well that about covers it, I think. No new paintings but hey I’m still around and kicking!

Out with the Old! A 20% off sale!

As I was writing my last post here I decided that I needed to not only focus on my new direction of paintings but actually get rid of my old ones. So why not run a sale? 20% off everything! Most of my paintings are still in storage from when I moved two years ago and some need touch ups before being able to sell so not everything is there yet but as the ones listed get sold I’ll have the room to unpack others and get them ready. So if there is one you wanted but don’t see send me a message! I’m happy to locate the one you want and get it to you, that is, if it hasn’t sold yet.

So how do you get this discount? To make things easy, I’ve set up a store with sqaureup and a discount code OWTO1. Apply the code at check-out to get the 20% off your total. Since I’m using squareup as a storefront, if something is in your shopping cart, someone else can’t snipe it from you. This also means that you don’t have to wait on a reply from me only to find out the painting is gone AND you can use any major credit card to pay for the item.

Any money from sales goes to more supplies for more arts, as well as living expenses, so in addition to having a hand-made painting in your home you are also supporting the creation of more.

June in the Life of Kat

Purple Hibiscus 2018
2018 Purple Hibiscus Commission

The month of June is over and I’m feeling kind of reflective today. It was a pretty big month for me. My job, while remaining essentially the same, has changed drastically at the same time. The hotel I’ve worked at for the past 6 years has been closed, with fairly short notice, and I was transferred to a neighboring property. I never had any interest in working at this new location, but something good did come out of the change. The manager got wind of me being a painter, saw some of my works and requested that I paint something for him. Which was awesome. He loved it, I got paid, and more importantly it got me painting again.

So I decided to get back to that and to this site. This meant I had to actually think about what I wanted to paint, since canvas does not come in unlimited stock for free. I know what I enjoy drawing on the computer tends to be cute little anime drawings but when I paint there is this habit of mine to drop back to what I think I should be painting. Boring old real-life inspired landscapes. Not that all images of earth are boring, my boyfriend has a folder of what amounts to earth eye candy and some of those views are just breathtaking, but I grew up devouring fantasy books. Once I was introduced to Tolkien my next stop was to explore the forgotten realms of Faerun, then to the planet of Pern I went and on and on.

Now I have a subject (albeit loosely defined) which I can paint with passion and interest. Fantasy. As I see it.

I feel like I’m basically starting over. My previous paintings weren’t really fantasy related, my digital art portfolio is rather sparse in that regard as well. I have 42 paintings sitting around and I’d count only 6 of them to be fantasy themed. Most aren’t even finished! Well that has to change.

I guess I have my work cut out for me.

By the way, I would like to thank my Patrons for supporting me this last month; Samantha, Brian, Cory, and David. You guys rock!

I’d also like to alert everyone else to something new on the site. If you’re not interested in making a long-term commitment to supporting me through Patreon but still want to help out, you can give a one time tip with Paypal.

That’s all for this post! Have a great day and a great month!

The Misty Vale

2018 The Misty Vale : Oil on 8′ x 10′ Canvas

This was a fun little piece to keep the paint flowing and it’s my third painting since I took up the brush again! This also gives me a chance to tell you about some of the changes I’ve made to how I will be running my Patreon page for now. Since I haven’t been a very active creator, I decided to go to a per creation basis for how often my supporters are charged. This way if my day job gets in the way or I go through another period of artistic block you wont be expected to pay for it and it’ll keep me motivated to keep creating. Another thing I will be doing is getting my supporters involved in the creation process by doing weekly polling where you can vote on the next painting to be done as well as a monthly poll that will be used to decide the focus. Right now my proposed subjects are split into 3 categories; landscapes, objects and creatures.

Landscapes will be much like what you see above. I don’t really ever describe my goal well but I just want to paint fantastic places you would never see on this world, add a bit of magical atmosphere to an ordinary world.

Objects would be similar but on a smaller scale. I was thinking of doing small paintings of my potions to start and going from there, see what ideas you might have.

Creatures would be, of course, mythical creatures from dragons and griffins to possibly mermaids and fairies.

New Commission Piece

Purple Hibiscus

Concept Draft  To  Purple Hibiscus 2018


After my hiatus from painting for 2 years (ugh) I wanted to share my recent commission. Since working on this one I think I have a firmer grasp on how I want to proceed with future paintings. Some of the reasons I quit using oils was the cost involved and the number of canvases I wasted on half-baked ideas. So I will be doing digital concept sketches for each painting before I even get my brushes wet. This sounds like a “no duh” type thing but for some reason it just never occurred to me.