August Reflections

So I disappeared again, as I knew would happen. Once again my day-job drained the life out of me and instead of spending my days off reinvigorating myself I opted to dwell in apathy and waste my time binge watching old TV shows. Well, not completely. I did have moments… Continue reading

Out with the Old! A 20% off sale!

As I was writing my last post here I decided that I needed to not only focus on my new direction of paintings but actually get rid of my old ones. So why not run a sale? 20% off everything! Most of my paintings are still in storage from when… Continue reading

June in the Life of Kat

The month of June is over and I’m feeling kind of reflective today. It was a pretty big month for me. My job, while remaining essentially the same, has changed drastically at the same time. The hotel I’ve worked at for the past 6 years has been closed, with fairly… Continue reading

The Misty Vale

This was a fun little piece to keep the paint flowing and it’s my third painting since I took up the brush again! This also gives me a chance to tell you about some of the changes I’ve made to how I will be running my Patreon page for now.… Continue reading