Katherine Steeves

I am a self-taught artist and a nerd. I’ve been drawing all my life but first took it seriously in my early teens. Most of my early work was done on the computer using a Wacom Graphire2 pen tablet. Drawing digitally allowed me to experiment without fear of wasting a canvas or supplies, but eventually the call of a blank canvas was too much to resist. Especially with my family buying painting supplies as gifts.

My first forays into painting were done with acrylic, which I quickly decided I did not like. So in 2007 I decided to give oil based media a go. Armed with a few lessons from Bob Ross, I put oil to canvas and painted a mountain landscape. I promptly gave the painting away to a co-worker with no thought of taking a picture, but the enjoyment I had stuck with me. I’ve been painting with oils ever since then.

As for the nerd part of me? Just have a look through my portfolio! Sure there are landscapes, portraits, still life and figure studies. There are also landscapes where the land is floating, portraits of dragons, and still life of fairies on peaches. My inspirations are flights of fancy, and I hope my flights of fancy inspire my viewers as well.

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