June in the Life of Kat

Purple Hibiscus 2018
2018 Purple Hibiscus Commission

The month of June is over and I’m feeling kind of reflective today. It was a pretty big month for me. My job, while remaining essentially the same, has changed drastically at the same time. The hotel I’ve worked at for the past 6 years has been closed, with fairly short notice, and I was transferred to a neighboring property. I never had any interest in working at this new location, but something good did come out of the change. The manager got wind of me being a painter, saw some of my works and requested that I paint something for him. Which was awesome. He loved it, I got paid, and more importantly it got me painting again.

So I decided to get back to that and to this site. This meant I had to actually think about what I wanted to paint, since canvas does not come in unlimited stock for free. I know what I enjoy drawing on the computer tends to be cute little anime drawings but when I paint there is this habit of mine to drop back to what I think I should be painting. Boring old real-life inspired landscapes. Not that all images of earth are boring, my boyfriend has a folder of what amounts to earth eye candy and some of those views are just breathtaking, but I grew up devouring fantasy books. Once I was introduced to Tolkien my next stop was to explore the forgotten realms of Faerun, then to the planet of Pern I went and on and on.

Now I have a subject (albeit loosely defined) which I can paint with passion and interest. Fantasy. As I see it.

I feel like I’m basically starting over. My previous paintings weren’t really fantasy related, my digital art portfolio is rather sparse in that regard as well. I have 42 paintings sitting around and I’d count only 6 of them to be fantasy themed. Most aren’t even finished! Well that has to change.

I guess I have my work cut out for me.

By the way, I would like to thank my Patrons for supporting me this last month; Samantha, Brian, Cory, and David. You guys rock!

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That’s all for this post! Have a great day and a great month!