Out with the Old! A 20% off sale!

As I was writing my last post here I decided that I needed to not only focus on my new direction of paintings but actually get rid of my old ones. So why not run a sale? 20% off everything! Most of my paintings are still in storage from when I moved two years ago and some need touch ups before being able to sell so not everything is there yet but as the ones listed get sold I’ll have the room to unpack others and get them ready. So if there is one you wanted but don’t see send me a message! I’m happy to locate the one you want and get it to you, that is, if it hasn’t sold yet.

So how do you get this discount? To make things easy, I’ve set up a store with sqaureup and a discount code OWTO1. Apply the code at check-out to get the 20% off your total. Since I’m using squareup as a storefront, if something is in your shopping cart, someone else can’t snipe it from you. This also means that you don’t have to wait on a reply from me only to find out the painting is gone AND you can use any major credit card to pay for the item.

Any money from sales goes to more supplies for more arts, as well as living expenses, so in addition to having a hand-made painting in your home you are also supporting the creation of more.