August Reflections

So I disappeared again, as I knew would happen. Once again my day-job drained the life out of me and instead of spending my days off reinvigorating myself I opted to dwell in apathy and waste my time binge watching old TV shows.

Well, not completely. I did have moments where I did more than just sit around. For instance, I purchased a tripod for my camera and a lighting set to take better pictures with. Still trying to figure out a good set up that works in a small space while providing better quality photos or paintings. It’s a learning process, but I feel like it’s a step in the right direction.

On the left is a picture taken without the use of a tripod or lighting system and on the right is one with the equipment.

Like I said, still learning but it’s progress.

I’m currently on a two week vacation which I hope to use to take care of some personal business, get some things taken care of that I’ve let slide for too long, and hopefully get into a job a bit less draining.

It’s also a great bit of time to work on some art projects! I’m aiming at finishing up the Solara painting and maybe getting two others at least started.

Well that about covers it, I think. No new paintings but hey I’m still around and kicking!