Content update 3/28/2020

So… Still alive! I have a minor content update for today. Still trying to figure out how to best photograph my paintings but in the meantime I have been fiddling around with some digital art.

I hate to say that I haven’t been that active in drawing but the truth is just that. I’ve spend the last couple months settling into to my new job and all the changes it entails. Not very exciting for the most part but still takes some getting used to.

Some ideas for painting have come up in this time, one was even started but not finished yet. Just gotta find a new rhythm to life.

Some of my lack of drawing/painting comes from me rediscovering the open source 3d software, Blender. I enjoy the heck out of making things in 3d but nothing is ever at a quality level that I’d be happy to show. Maybe I’ll start a new section to display some of my later works. Not yet, though.

Recently, however, I’ve been discovering a newer digital art program; Rebelle. Normally I don’t use watercolor in paintings, it’s messy and uncontrollable and always seemed rather childish. This program is making me reconsider.