Drawing a blank

So in my last post I hinted at a change in painting subjects and invited you to come back for an update on that very soon.

Alas, no real visual update on that subject but I will explain it further to relieve any suspense that has kept you on edge.

My profile, if you read, stated that I am a fantasy nerd (to paraphrase) and that most of my art is based on this. Looking in my portfolio, it came to my attention that this statement was not reflected in the works displayed. It took playing “Baldur’s Gate 2” again for me to realize the error of my ways. (That would be the helpful distraction previously mentioned.)

In the early days, my sketch books were filled with fairies and elves, I started to move away from that due to (mostly) fear. Pictured in my mind were these fantastic scenes and I was afraid to even try bringing them to life. So I stuck with safer subjects. Portraits, landscapes, still lifes, florals and so on.

But I grew up reading Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, Robert Salvatore, devouring any AD&D book I could get my hands on. If it was fantasy based, I wanted it. High fantasy? Even better! Dragons and elves and dwarves, oh my! Spells that threw pies at people (hardy har har, Danilo Thann), Bigby’s Snapping Digits (giant hand that flicks people, gotta love it).

And yet, when it came time to try to express my love for these fantastical worlds and their many-colored characters, I shied away or just came up blank.

Inspiration has come along, though. Actually, it showed up almost 4 years ago, I just didn’t realize it.

My boyfriend.

Also a nerd, he has all these fantastic re-tellings of his experiences role-playing, tales that split my sides and make my mind buzz to life with all sorts of ideas. (Get him together with any of his many friends who shared some of these adventures and be prepared for a ride, let me tell you.)

Disclaimer: any art inspired by his tales of heroic adventure are merely my interpretation of his intellectual property, all rights to certain characters belong to him.

With that said, I hope to show you a glimpse of what I’ve had the pleasure of being recounted to me soon.

In the meantime, thank you for your support! See you next post.

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