Get Ready!!

Massive update coming soon! I know I have been horribly neglecting my pretty website these past few months.

I have excuses, of course… Got caught up in my day job, buried myself in reading, nothing was ‘finished’… etc.

While I don’t have a mountain of pictures to add, I do have quite a few that I am proud of enough to share. Since I switched back to digital, for the time being anyway, there are no distortions of a camera lense and a wide variety of styles to share.

In most recent Kat history, the release of the newest RPG Maker has once again sparked my interest in game creation. So expect to see some character designs and game assets in the near future. I intend to focus most of my time on non-standard sprites and tiles, so be ready.

In the interim, be sure to check back in the coming days for the updates! Thank you for your support!

Oh, and here is a quick doodle from today to get things started.


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