Is it really 2016?

meMy, my, where has the time gone!?

Once again, months have passed without a peep from me.

So here is the latest news from the world of Kat! I’ve switched my program of choice to Manga Studio 5 for a number of reasons, chief among them being the cost of the program. I have the basic version which cost me a whopping $15, but that is not the only reason I have switched. To the left is an example of what I have done with the program and while it doesn’t seem to impressive at first glance, it was made possible by the programs built-in pose-able “dolls” which automatically take perspective into account. Something which I tend to struggle with. It also has vectoring tools! Can you tell how excited I am with this program?

Anyway! In my last post I mentioned the latest release of RPG Maker, a 2d game making software (think the good old days of Nintendo and Super Nintendo), well part of my lack of updates has to do with me being deep into developing my own game. I have a general story I am working on and plan to create my own hand drawn sprites and environments for the game (ambitious, I know) and hope to one day share this with you. For you to all laugh at. Keep an eye out for a new link to a dedicated project page which will have its own updates and information for those who wish to follow to development of the labor of love! Don’t worry, though, for those of you who just hang around to see the pretty pictures I haven’t stopped my normal drawing and there will be occasional non-game related pictures aided to the normal site.


In the meantime, happy new year! I wish everyone a wonderful 2016 and as always thank you for your support!

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