4 Year Progress Check

So I pop on to Facebook yesterday and it decides to remind me of a self portrait sketch I did 4 years ago. Of course, I immediately shudder. Surely I’m better than that by now, right? Well, there is only one way to be sure. Naturally, I redrew the sketch. I wasn’t really intending to share it but I was just so darn proud of how far I’ve come that I had to and now it has been added to the digital art gallery.

Neither picture is based on photo reference; it didn’t seem a valid test if I used it in the new version. My mother pointed out that the face is at a different angle but in the original sketch the face features were at the same angle, it was just the rest of the sketch that didn’t match. I would also like to add that the new portrait was created using Clip Studio Paint, my new art program of choice, and a program that was created with manga/anime style art in mind. Anyway! Here is the comparison!

self redraw

In other news! My last post mentioned the coming of a new page dedicated to my RPG making efforts. I’m happy to announce that the page has been created and can be reached through the main navigation bar. It’s a little bare at this time but all updates about the game(that has no title) will be found there. Most of it will be art related, but at least the main website won’t get cluttered with all the concept art, sprites and environments. Since it is its own complete project, this will be the last post on my blog about it for some time. So if you’re interested in following my progress be sure to subscribe for updates from that page.

So that is all for today! As always, thank you for your support and have a wonderful day!

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