March recap – getting ready for April

It’s over!!! Although, in all honesty, March was not as crazy as I had expected.

I still managed to get practically nothing done, unless you count watching Fullmetal Alchemist an accomplishment. Certainly didn’t complete many of my actual goals. April is just around the corner though, and a new month means new chances to not get anything done! But first, let’s do a quick recap of this months actual accomplishments.

Competency in Blender is coming along, I’ve managed to complete 3 out of 7 main character map sprite models and even figured out how to animate them. The new sprites can be found over on the RPG project page in the character section.mee

I have started 2 non-game related art projects and finished one of them, the finished one is located in the Digital Art gallery.

I’ve done a fair bit of running around like a headless chicken but when it comes to actual meaningful exercise, none yet.

As for regular updates of the blog and website? I’m sure you’re already aware of the results but in case you aren’t……. yeah. Didn’t happen.

So you could probably guess my goals for the coming month. Suffice to say that until the end of the month come with the completion of every goal, no new goals will be added to my list.

Anyway, that is all for this post. I hope you all had a wonderful March and wish you the best in April. Don’t get fooled too much!

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