Temporary Solution

So.. I may have failed to mention that while the laptop I used primarily is still functional, my boyfriends died without warning.

To make things easier on the both of us, instead of vying for control of the computer and leaving one of us completely bored (and to allow myself to continue drawing during these crazy times) I purchased two lovely 100 page (that’s 200 gloriously blank pages people!) toned sketchpads (grey and beige) which can be filled to the brim with concepts, random doodles and amazing fun! The first (actually the 4th) of which has already been seen on Instagram, twitter, Facebook…..

That is my temporary solution to the computer crisis of 2016. Thankfully, I had already bought that scanner way back when with aspirations of….. I can’t think of a word, but you get the idea. Whatever plans I had for the scanner had fallen by the wayside but now can be reclaimed! Wonderfully full-fleshed out concepts just waiting to be scanned and digitized when the new computer comes (whenever that is)!!

All this to keep the magnificent KatSArtistry experience coming for many years to…. well… yeah! Rejoice, my faithful supporters!

I may have also failed to mention in the past that I am a wee bit crazy….

ANYWAY! As always, thank you for your support and until next post I hope you all have wonderful days!

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