The Misty Vale

This was a fun little piece to keep the paint flowing and it’s my third painting since I took up the brush again! This also gives me a chance to tell you about some of the changes I’ve made to how I will be running my Patreon page for now. Since I haven’t been a very active creator, I decided to go to a per creation basis for how often my supporters are charged. This way if my day job gets in the way or I go through another period of artistic block you wont be expected to pay for it and it’ll keep me motivated to keep creating. Another thing I will be doing is getting my supporters involved in the creation process by doing weekly polling where you can vote on the next painting to be done as well as a monthly poll that will be used to decide the focus. Right now my proposed subjects are split into 3 categories; landscapes, objects and creatures.

Landscapes will be much like what you see above. I don’t really ever describe my goal well but I just want to paint fantastic places you would never see on this world, add a bit of magical atmosphere to an ordinary world.

Objects would be similar but on a smaller scale. I was thinking of doing small paintings of my potions to start and going from there, see what ideas you might have.

Creatures would be, of course, mythical creatures from dragons and griffins to possibly mermaids and fairies.

New Commission Piece

Purple Hibiscus

Concept Draft  To  Purple Hibiscus 2018


After my hiatus from painting for 2 years (ugh) I wanted to share my recent commission. Since working on this one I think I have a firmer grasp on how I want to proceed with future paintings. Some of the reasons I quit using oils was the cost involved and the number of canvases I wasted on half-baked ideas. So I will be doing digital concept sketches for each painting before I even get my brushes wet. This sounds like a “no duh” type thing but for some reason it just never occurred to me.

Painting again!

For the first time in over two years I picked up a paint brush last week and it felt good!

2018 FireTulips

This Flame Tulip painting marks the beginning of a return to the traditional for me. It also marks the return of me to me. The last couple of years haven’t been my greatest for many reasons and none at all. I just let everything that made me enjoy life fall away. Not anymore though. So I’m here to announce new paintings on the way and finally in a direction I think will fit me best. I have long enjoyed looking at concept art books for video games and loved the environments so I have decided to start painting landscapes in that style. I want to try to capture that mystical atmosphere in oils so that you can have a bit of magic in your life. I’m also planning on doing small paintings to brighten up your small spaces. The above is one such painting and is only 5″*7″.

One last thing is the launching of a store page so you can easily see which paintings are currently available at what price and send me a message about the painting you want. Or hire me to paint one specially for you. Look for the Store link in the site menu at the top!