Welcome to the development page for Chaos Rising (title is a work in progress, much like the game) a 2d fantasy rpg project.
The game is made possible with RPG Maker MV 2d game engine which you can find out more about here.

Progress Report! May-June

4 new character pages have been added since last post, the latest of which was Mycia (name subject to change) so go check them out! This also means the new designs for the main cast are almost complete, just 1 to go! After that I’ll be moving on (finally) to…

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Redesign! And other things

Apologies for the lack of updates! Development has taken a bit of a step backwards, to the drawing board! I’ve decided to take some time to really focus on the character/monster design aspect of things and of course that means the main characters are getting a face-lift. The current 3d…

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Explaination owed

So I feel I must explain my lack of updates on this project. At the beginning of the month things were going fine, I meandered my way through the goals I had set for myself and then the laptop I use for all my projects started showing signs of failure.…

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Quick update

Progress on sprite models moves ever sluggishly forward, yet it moves nonetheless. Main characters 3 out of 7 are complete, not yet animated, but complete. They can be viewed on the Characters page. After they are finished the next step will be to animate each one and set up the…

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Random Idea

So I had this perfectly random idea. I suck at animating 2d but I’m good at drawing. I’m also decent at 3d modeling. Why don’t I just marry those two? Of course, that then presents the challenge of rendering the sprites so that the 5′ girl does not tower over…

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Sneak Peek

Between correcting a childhood mistake (never beat Final Fantasy 3/6, oh the shame!) and work I have been able to get some progress done on character concepts! I wanted to make sure height differences were correct in the concepts that could later be translated to the ingame sprites instead of…

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