Sneak Peek

Between correcting a childhood mistake (never beat Final Fantasy 3/6, oh the shame!) and work I have been able to get some progress done on character concepts! I wanted to make sure height differences were correct in the concepts that could later be translated to the ingame sprites instead of being just a meaningless number in the profile. It does no good to describe a person as being towering if you get no sense of that in the game, afterall! So while this update doesnt reflect these plans very well, know that behind this sneak preview is a careful plan.

char sheet - mycia

I bet you can guess which game influenced the style! This is the redesign for Mycia, the young spirit caller and the shortest member of the main cast. Standing at only 4’11 and age 14!

It’s not much but next week starts a short vacation so hopefully I’ll be able to get more done.

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