Random Idea

So I had this perfectly random idea. I suck at animating 2d but I’m good at drawing. I’m also decent at 3d modeling. Why don’t I just marry those two? Of course, that then presents the challenge of rendering the sprites so that the 5′ girl does not tower over the 6′ man, but I believe that challenge to be a small one. It does have the benefit of frames being the same character from one pose to the next, and once I become proficient enough it will be quite the time saver, leaving me open to start work on environments! It’s still in the idea stage but I did a quick test of a basic male sprite.


Once I get all the kinks worked out and decide if this is the style I want, it will be the template for all male sprites in the game. More than likely for every character that appears in battle there will be a map sprite (like the one shown above) and a battle sprite (higher detail, better proportions, nicer fingers). I may also use this method for cut scenes! Who knows…

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