Progress Report: 3d to 2d sprites

As mentioned on the main blog, March is always a crazy month for me and often nothing actually gets accomplished. I’ve been determined to make sure that not be the case this year and am happy to say that so far I’ve been able to get something done. I’m not as far as I would like to be, being halfway through the month. However, progress is progress no matter how small and I’m glad to be sharing it with you!

This, of course, is related to the random idea I had earlier and after much fiddling, I have a set of base models to mold into characters.

sprite base ortho male

Orthographic Layout for male map sprites


Test render! Quickly drawn textures for test purposes.

char sheet - daren - sprite sheet

Darens sprite sheet drawn out.

Of course, still fiddling with the battle sprite design but I came to the decision fairly early on that what would work on the map would not work in battle. After some thought, I will more than likely use a similar style to the “paper doll”s

The texture on the test render of also not the final quality, that was really more of a quick paint so that I could see how textures would look and adjust where it was needed. As stated, that is a base model that can be pushed and pulled to fit each character individually. Once completed, the arduous task or rigging and animating will commence, the final step will be to render each animated frame separately and stitch together into a sheet format accepted by RMMV.

There is a long road ahead.

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