Redesign! And other things

Apologies for the lack of updates! Development has taken a bit of a step backwards, to the drawing board!

I’ve decided to take some time to really focus on the character/monster design aspect of things and of course that means the main characters are getting a face-lift. The current 3d sprites will remain as place holders until such a time comes as I can focus on rebuilding them. That will, of course, be when I am confident that the computer I’m using will not die in the middle of things and when all the designs are complete.

As for the actual game/story, that will also be on hiatus until the computer issue is solved as well as when RMMV 1.3 is released. I get the feeling that it will have important changes I will need. I also think I may have to rebuild the game from scratch with that update so I’d rather not get too far.

So anyway, have a glance at the character designs available on the new character pages for Daren and Kaylee!

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