Project Status

Well I have decided to abandon Legends of Aeteria, for now. The more I tried to work out the details for the story, the more it unraveled. I may return to it eventually, but for now I will be working on a couple new projects. Mystic’s Island and Yarrow: The Tree of Life.

Mystic’s Island is planned to be an adventure puzzle game with an action battle system. You will follow young Melody as she explores a strange island she awakes on. Help her get to the center of the island and find a way home.

Yarrow: The Tree of Life is planned to be a regular RPG adventure about a dying world. Join Bran on a quest to restore the source of life and prevent the spread of the blight.

More details are being worked out for each game but for a certainty both games will use isometric style art with 8-directional sprites of my own making. I’ll be releasing the environment assets that I use for the games to the public for use so other creators can build their own worlds with them if they wanted.

So that is where I’m at these days.

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