The Story


A thousand years have passed since peace was brought to the land but now that peace is threatened and the scions of a long forgotten lineage are called to fight for order.

The story begins with Daren, son of the village leaders in Dirkend, laments his quiet life. Longing for the life of adventure his parents lead, little does he know his wish is about to be granted.

Travel the world, find companions who can aid you and solve the problem of exactly HOW to save the world.

(I actually do have a very long thought out plan for the story of this game, complete with back stories for each character and some of the people you meet along the way…)

The Plan

As an artist, I intend to really push myself with the creation of this game by making my own custom sprites and environments. While RPG Maker MV comes with its own built-in character generator and pre made tilesets, I really want to break out of the mold it provides.  It wont be easy and I will likely have many failed attempts but in the end I hope to provide a unique visual experience


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