Hello and thank you for your interest in purchasing a piece of my art! Many of my oil paintings are available for sale but I am also an artist for hire! Select the specific link below which best fits your interest.


I would also like to take this time to quickly answer some questions you may have.


How do you price your paintings?

I thought for a while about this and did some research on how other artists priced their work and decided the easiest and fairest solution for everyone would be to price a painting completely on the square inch. I still keep track of the costs of creating each piece; the cost of the canvas and supplies as well as the time I spent working on it (which I priced at $15/hr) and while yes there are paintings that don’t take as long as others and thus actually cost me less there are also paintings that take longer than usual and the price of selling that one could come out to not covering the cost of making it. Rather than increasing the sell price on that painting I decided to keep it all the same.

What rate do you charge per square inch?

That is actually two answers. On my personal paintings I currently calculate the price at $2.00/sq in but on commissioned artwork that is increased to $2.50/sq in. The reason for the price increase is when you hire me I am no longer just painting for me, my time belongs to you and as any other employee my time should be compensated. Rather than charge you an hourly rate which could greatly inflate the cost of the painting I include it in the initial price so you know what you are paying right at the start. The difference in price between a personal and commissioned piece will be minimal on smaller painting but greater as the size increases, as will the time I spend on it. Larger canvas requires more time and supplies.

Paypal or Square?

Both! I prefer Square for a couple reasons; it’s easier for me to use, you don’t need an account to send me money, its card reader works on my phone…. but I understand some people still prefer Paypal and so I do have an account with them.

I love your work but don’t want to buy a painting, is there another way I can show you my support?

First off, you’re weird. Ok, but seriously yes you can become a Patron on mine and donate a little money every month that will go towards supplies and costs. While the amount you donate is completely up to you it doesn’t have to be much at all and every little bit is appreciated. Funds are low at this time and everything I have is going towards supplies to continue painting as well as living expenses, but as I get more breathing room I plan to have more and more rewards for my supporters.

What are your plans for the future?

Well I have many plans and ideas, far too many, at times. I found I can form an idea at the drop of a hat but follow through has always been the issue. So my biggest plan at this time is to actually follow through on a plan, lol. Right now, actually, I have two projects I want to start on. The first is “Small Paintings for Small Spaces” and the second doesn’t really have a catchy title but it’s painting what would be considered environment concept art. Basically, the concept art you might see for a video game location only done as a completed painting you can hang on your wall. I’ve always loved the artwork that went into games like World Of Warcraft; fantastic locations, breathtaking views, magical atmospheres. Now I want to paint them, or rather, I want to paint places like them.

Wait, “Small Painting for Small Spaces”?

Ah, yes. Well this actually can be partially credited to my father. He’s a trucker who lives on the road and when he started that life the painting I had done for him went into storage. I had started doing smaller paintings for practice and I did this one of a moonlit sea with a tree on a rock. It’s small and simple, only 5″ by 7″, but I loaned it out to him for the road as free advertisement. I get the feeling I’m never getting it back. Well he’s not the only trucker out there and certainly not the only person who spends a good portion of their day in a small space. So why not offer a small solution? This way people can have a little piece of art to brighten up their lives.

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