Before you request a painting there is something you should know.

Important Information

You are welcome to send your request, however until we agree to the painting cost and content nothing is final and your request may get rejected at any time. A request is not a promise. Once a request is accepted I will send some sketches of your idea for you to approve. Again, the painting is not guaranteed at this time and no one is under any obligation. Upon approval of a sketch you will be asked to pay 50% of the final cost before actual work can begin. This is to cover the cost of supplies and time spent working on your painting. If you’d like I can send you regular updates on the progress or you can wait until the painting is completed to see it. At the point of completion the rest of the payment is required before the painting is yours. Monthly payments are available for higher priced paintings but if no payments or contact is made for over a year after completion the painting may be open to the public at the purchase price of the remaining balance.



Please use the contact form below to submit your request!

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